Maximizing Your Consignment Value and Embracing Social Responsibility

Consign for Change donates a minimum of 10% of the profits from the sale of consigned goods to local schools and non-profits.

You can choose to donate even more, up to the full value of your share of the consignment. Consign for Change will direct the donation directly to the non-profit organization of your choice.


Our Work

Since 2002, Consign for Change has worked in the Washington, DC metropolitan area handling the sale of thousands of fascinating items, including...

Antiquarian books from Charles Dickens' personal library

Antiques, rare books and other items from the estates of four former Directors of the CIA

Items from The National Building Museum

Antiquarian books from the Estate of Katherine Graham

A large collection of original maps and books from the discovery of the Comstock Load in California (the Gold Rush)

The largest antique woodworking tool collection in America

What We Consign

We specialize in smaller items ranging from jewelry to antiquarian books to collectibles, artwork, antiques, upscale designer clothing, digital cameras, Lego collections and so much more. Please use the menu above (the three lines at the top left of this page) to view consignment information for general household items; rare books; and surplus business inventory or equipment.  

We will consign items valued at $75 or higher.  The percentage you receive rises as the final selling price increases.

Final Selling Price ($) and Amount You Receive 

75–150.00             50% 

150.01-400.00      60%

400.01–750.00     65% 

750.01–1500.00    70% 

Over 1500.00       80% 

Supporting Schools and Non-Profits

We have worked with numerous PTA groups and non-profit organizations in creative fundraising. You ask your members to clean their homes and donate unneeded items and Consign for Change will sell them on your behalf. Your supporter receives a tax deduction for 100% of the value of the donated item and your organization receives 50-80% depending on the final selling price of the item. The only effort required on your part is to publicize the effort. We will hand everything else.

For example: After you publicize the effort one of your members donates an old laptop. We sell it for $200.  Your member gets a tax receipt for $200 and your organization receives a check from us for $160. It's as simple as that.

About Us

Professional Customer Service


Steve Hersey, the founder of Consign for Change, a virtual Consignment Shop and rare book dealer, was also the founder of Books for America, a national 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which collected and distributed more than $10 million worth of gently used books to schools, non-profits and other governmental organizations throughout the United States.  

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